In the hospitality and gaming market, customer service and customer experience are critical. Staff need to be 100% committed to delivering outstanding service and ensuring a delighted customer. Operational challenges do not need to be evident to the customer. Furthermore, businesses in this segment face additional challenges like extended trading hours. Restaurants, hotels, fast food/QSR stores, and casinos are not nine to five businesses. Some are even 24-hour operations. In these environments, security can be a significant issue. Cash handling solutions not only need to deliver time savings but also need to address safety and security.   

CIMA’s range of cash management solutions for hospitality/gaming include:

CIMA manufactures the most comprehensive range of solutions that help hospitality/gaming businesses of any size manage cash better. We take a “horses-for-courses” approach to the solutions we design and build. That’s because we understand not all businesses are the same, and not all manage their cash in the same way. Our “fit-for-purpose” approach means that businesses of all sizes can take advantage of our solutions that automate the cash handling process. 

In the world of cash automation, note handling is not enough. While coins may contribute to the overall lower value of cash on hand to manage, they make up a significant portion of the time it takes to manage cash in-store. Therefore, not only do we deliver best-in-class note handling machines, but we also manufacture some of the industry’s most advanced coin handling solutions too.