Retailers everywhere are looking for more efficient ways to manage and streamline their business operations. Reducing the cost of doing business means better profitability. It’s that simple. As labor costs continue to rise, retailers are pushing the boundaries on automating as many manual processes as possible. The cash office has traditionally been a very manual and labor-intensive process with several risks like inaccuracy and security.  Huge advancements in technology performance, capability, much lower capital costs, and other commercial pathways, such as leasing, make it significantly easy for retailers to take advantage of cash automation technology solutions and realize substantial returns on investments extremely fast.

At CIMA, we take retail seriously, and thanks to our industry-leading cash automation solutions, retailers today can significantly reduce the cost of managing cash in their stores with our solutions.

CIMA’s range of cash management solutions for retail include: 

CIMA takes a “horses-for-courses” approach to the solutions we design and build. That’s because we understand that not all retailers or stores are the same, and not all retailers manage their cash in the same way. Our “fit-for-purpose” approach means that retailers of all size can take advantage of our solutions that automate the cash handling process.

In the world of cash automation, note handling is not enough. While coins may contribute to an overall lower value of cash on hand, they make up a significant portion of the time it takes to manage. Therefore, not only do we deliver best-in-class note handling machines, but we manufacture some of the industry’s most advanced coin handling solutions too.