CasHere 9000 Back-Office Cash Recycler

The CasHere 9000 is an all-in-one cassette-based, cash-in cash-out, cash recycler from CIMA. Designed with high performance in mind for retail environments where cash processing volumes are high. The CasHere 9000 ensures security, reliability and significantly faster cash processing times to deliver major operational efficiencies and productivity benefits. The CasHere 9000 is equipped with five (5) scalable cash boxes / cassettes with a range of flexible options and features: 

  • Single denomination recycling cassette
  • Dual denomination recycling cassette
  • Deposit only cassette

Banknote detection is handled by a validator which is equipped with the most advanced recognition and authentication technologies. The validator can be configured to perform authenticity detection only or combined to incorporate banknote fitness sorting as well. Both scenarios comply with the regulations of all the major global central banks.

CasHere 9000’s compact size and footprint with an aesthetically pleasing look and ideal ergonomics make it an excellent solution for the retail back-office environment and can also be deployed at the front of the store.  It also integrates the PC, touchscreen and printer into the overall machine to eliminate multiple peripherals installed separately. This makes CasHere 9000 an elegant all-in-one solution for cash recycling. 

CasHere 9000 Back-Office Cash Recycler

Deposit Speed:

Up to 10 notes / second

Withdrawal Speed:

Up to 10 notes / second

Recycling Technology:

Cash Box / Cassette

Number of Cassettes:


Number of Recycling Cassettes:


Number of Deposit Only Cassettes:


Notes per Single Recycling Cassettes:


Notes per Dual Recycling Cassettes:

1,800 / 450*

Notes per Deposit Cassette:


Connection Type:

Ethernet or USB 2.0 Ports

Bill Validator:

  • Compliant with US Federal Reserve Standards
  • Multi-currency capable

Safe and Security:

UL 291-24H


430 kg (947.99 lbs.)


  • Voltage: 100V-240V AC
  • Frequency: 50Hz – 60Hz

CasHere 9000 Back-Office Cash Recycler


455mm (17.9in)   - UL291

Total Depth

1020mm (40.2in) - UL291

Total Height

1360mm (53.5in)   - UL291

Safe Height

722mm (28.8in)   - UL291


CasHere 9000 CasHere 9000 CasHere 9000 CasHere 9000