CIMA provides cash management solutions for the banking, retail and hospitality/gaming industries. These industries continue to drive the use of cash making the cash supply chain an extremely important part of the US economy.  Just like many many other business processes in these segments, managing cash has traditionally been a very manual labor-intensive process.  Several hours of labor can be spent preparing floats to provide change and counting / reconciling end of day funds. As the competitive landscape continues to become more intense, businesses in all three of these categories are constantly looking for better ways to streamline operations and reduce the cost of doing business.  Automation of manual processes is now top-of-mind towards these strategies. At CIMA we manufacture a wide range of cash automation solutions that significantly help businesses reduce the cost of managing cash.

Click on any of the links below to learn more about the specific challenges that each of these segments face in the area of cash management and how CIMA can help solve these challenges by delivering fit-for-purpose solutions aligned to the specific requirements of each branch/venue.  Why fit-for-purpose? Simple…by investing in solutions that are aligned to the specific store/venue requirements you are not overcapitalizing and paying for more than you need. This has been the challenge for so many years and why there has not been a wide proliferation of cash recycling solutions, especially in Retail and Hospitality/Gaming markets in the USA.  Most solutions were too “big and expensive” making the ROI unjustifiable. At CIMA we want businesses of ANY size to be able to justify and enjoy the benefits of cash automation.