AST7000 NT5
Teller Cash Recycler

The CIMA AST7000-NT5 teller cash recycler (TCR) is a low-cost, fit-for-purpose note recycler designed for the banking market.  Designed to be installed under-counter either in open plan or behind the teller line environments. The AST7000 TCR facilitates faster and secure note deposit and dispense processes.  Built with flexible configuration in mind, the AST7000 is equipped with 8 recycling drums / rolled storage modules (RSM) and provides a total recycling capacity of up to 4,000 notes.  Note recognition is performed by CIMA’s own BV5000 sensor which employs the most advanced technologies: magnetic, infrared, fluorescence, ultraviolet, visible light on each banknote that passes through to ensure the highest degree of note identification.


  • Faster note deposit and dispense processes
  • Secure cash storage
  • Reduction in cash on hand
  • Easy integration to existing counter environments
  • Flexible configuration
  • Low cost, affordable note recycling solution for faster ROI

AST 7000 NT5 Teller Cash Recycler

Deposit Speed:

Up to 7 notes / second

Withdrawal Speed:

Up to 6 notes / second

Recycling Technology:

Roll Storage Modules (RSM)

Number of RSMs:


Notes per RSM:

Up to 500 notes*

Total Recycling capacity:

Up to 4,000 notes*

Connection Type:

Ethernet or RS232 Serial Ports or USB 1.0 Port

Bill Validator:

  • CIMA BV5000
  • Compliant with US Federal Reserve Standards
  • Multi-currency capable

Safe and Security:

  • 5 mm, UL 291 and CEN L
  • 40 mm (CEN III and CEN IV)


From 165kg (363.76lbs) to 480kg (1,058.22lbs) according to the safe configuration


  • Voltage 90 – 240V AC
  • Frequency 50 – 60Hz
  • Power input 600W

AST 7000 NT5 Teller Cash Recycler


  • 440mm (17.32in) - 5mm and UL291
  • 485mm (17.52in) - CEN L
  • 495mm (19.49in) - CEN III and CEN IV


  • 860mm (33.86in) - 5mm and UL291
  • 975mm (38.39in) - CEN L
  • 1015mm (39.96in) - CEN III and CEN IV


  • 670mm (26.38in) - 5mm and UL291
  • 670mm (26.38in) - CEN L
  • 725mm (28.54in) - CEN III and CEN IV