Building great machines that are fit for purpose is essential. However, software that runs and manages those machines is critical. CIMA delivers on three primary categories of cash automation software:  First, CIMA’s on-device software, CAOS, ensures that operators perform daily functions with ease. Second, through integration software, we provide several pathways to deliver data from machines to third-party applications.  Third, our device management platform, C-LINK, allows the corporation or service provider to manage and update a fleet of devices from a central location easily while providing rich analytics on device usage and transactions.


On-Device Software

CIMA’s on-device software enabling operators to perform daily functions efficiently. CAOS is a complete application with all the functionality required to operate CIMA cash-handling devices and connect them to 3rd party applications. CAOS seamlessly runs across the entire range of smart safe and cash recycling solutions. This allows organizations to deploy various combinations of machines across the enterprise while maintaining a common software platform. The software is highly configurable to suit a variety of business requirements.

Integration Software

CIMA offers a suite of API and connectivity solutions to facilitate the movement of data from CIMA machines to external applications such as banks, stakeholders, CIT, or other critical organizations.


Remote Management and Reporting Software

CIMA’s on-premises or cloud-based platform provides remote device monitoring, remote configuration, remote software management, centralized reporting, and data analysis. This modular and scalable platform allows the corporation or service provider to manage and update a fleet of devices from a central location. Problems can be identified remotely and resolved quickly. C-LINK provides rich real-time analytics on device usage and transactions across the enterprise.

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The Importance of Cash Automation Software

Without the right software, the tills, kiosks, safes, and recyclers are just receptacles for cash or highly mechanical counting machines. True cash automation adds layers of function, communication, accountability, and visibility to the cash management cycle.  Cash automation software ensures that downtime is minimized, the function is optimized when managing cash.

The Benefits of Integrated Cash Management Software

Retail organizations looking to launch, expand or overhaul their cash management operations have several choices from hardware to software. When automating cash management, some questions to ask include:

  • What combination of hardware best suits your needs for cash volume, configuration, and scalability?
  • What kind of software should be installed to run the cash-handling machines?
  • How will the cash management system integrate with the organization’s current systems?
  • How easy is it provide meaningful reports and insights on cash transactions?